Workstream 2:
Action & Implementation

Enable effective action and implementation of high-quality Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance solutions in poor and vulnerable countries

Program Alliance Implementing Partner Update – The Centre for Disaster Protection

By the Centre for Disaster Protection

The Centre’s main activities and achievements in 2020

  • The future of crisis financing: a call to action: The Centre published a landmark new report examining how the right financial planning, incentives, tools and commitment could help the world to be far better prepared for crises. It includes a diagnosis of some of the current challenges in the international crisis financing system and sets out a new vision and agenda for change. The report was published before the onset of Covid-19. As outlined in a blog by the Centre’s Director Daniel Clarke, this experience underscores many of the paper’s key findings.
  • The future of pandemic financing: As part of its Covid-19 blog series, the Centre published three blogs on the World Bank’s Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF), formulating lessons learned from the Covid-19 response.
  • 7 habits of highly effective DRF: The Centre Team spends a lot of time considering what good disaster risk financing (DRF) looks like in practice – in other words, DRF that has a positive impact on people’s lives. It has set out this thinking in its blog ‘7 habits of highly effective DRF’.  Some of these habits have been more neglected than others and the Centre has released five guidance notes for the most overlooked. 
  • Quality assurance (QA): The Centre’s Quality Assurance service published its methodology to support high-quality disaster risk-financing initiatives.
  • Technical assistance (TA) and capacity building: The Centre delivered TA and capacity building to its partners in Africa and Asia, and has adapted its core training package on DRF for online delivery in response to Covid-19 requirements.

Bringing water to the crops thanks to an irrigation project (Mozambique)

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