Workstream 3:
Capacity Building & Knowledge Management

Develop capacities of all stakeholders to guarantee a broader understanding of Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance, with comprehensible information easily disseminated through user-friendly knowledge-sharing platforms


The InsuResilience Global Partnership provides a comprehensive knowledge portal of evidence-based best practices for effective and cost-efficient Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance (CDRFI) solutions applied in different regions along with the associated circumstances.

Learn more about the Partnership’s approach towards compound risks within comprehensive risk management and how the poor and vulnerable can be protected in the Covid-19 crisis and beyond. The reaction by the members of the Partnership has been truly impressive in early initiatives to reduce the impacts of Covid-19.

Members of the Partnership exchange views on new ideas and contribute their expertise in a variety of different Working Groups. The Working Group on Gender has achieved major milestones in 2020 including the endorsement of the Declaration on Gender and the launch of the Centre of Excellence on Gender-smart Solutions.

The launch of the Evidence Roadmap heralded a successful year for the Working Group on Impact which included establishment of a common M&E Terminology and a technically enhanced M&E Framework for the Partnership.

The Working Group on Integrated Approaches focused on in-depth exchange through web-talks about innovative solutions integrating different disaster risk-financing and insurance tools with other risk-management components, such as Nature-based Solutions. The Working Group launched four sectoral communities to focus more on topic-specific activities from 2021 onwards. These communities will support co-creation between members and link needs with solutions by establishing dialogues between solution providers and beneficiary groups.

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are on the frontline of climate change and the latest InsuRisk Special Report provides deeper insights into current environmental and development challenges, alongside needs for CDRFI instruments and their status in SIDS.

If there are any questions on Climate Risk Management Solutions, or if any new ones have arisen from reading this Annual Report, make sure you don’t miss out on Risk Talk – an interactive knowledge sharing tool. Register and benefit from the knowledge of experts who deliver specific and tailored answers at no cost to RISK TALK users.

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