The InsuResilience Global Partnership

Building off from the G7-InsuResilience Initiative, the InsuResilience Global Partnership for Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance Solutions was founded in 2017 at the COP23 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The Partnership is an inclusive, multi-stakeholder community that aims to strengthen the resilience of developing countries and protect the lives and livelihoods of poor and vulnerable people from the impacts of climate shocks and disasters. 

Guided by the Vision 2025, the Partnership enables faster, more reliable, and cost-effective responses through Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance solutions, shifting from reactive crisis management to proactive risk management.

Website of the InsuResilience Global Partnership

Video on the Partnership



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“We believe in the power of partnerships to make SUAVE (simple, understood, accessible, valuable, efficient) risk management solutions a reality for low-income people globally. The Partnership provides an unparalleled platform to share knowledge, lessons, resources, and expertise among members so that collectively we can increase resiliency on a large-scale.“

Michael J. McCord,
Managing Director, Micro Insurance Centre at Milliman (new member in 2020)