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Antje Kästner, Martin Kipping, Florian Neutze (BMZ, Germany); Sophie Evans, Hannah Fox, Michele Plichta (Centre for Disaster Protection); John Harding, Kimberly Kenny, Maria Lourdes Kathleen Macasil, Jean-Baptiste Migraine, Catherine Thompson (CREWS Initiative Secretariat); Sarah Favrichon (GIZ); Vineil Narayan (Government of Fiji); Veronika Bertram, Stefan Hirche, Carolin Stetter (KfW); David Howlett (Global Resilience Partnership); Dan Bierenbaum (Global Parametrics); Veronika Giusti Keller, Alessandra Nibbio (IIF / BlueOrchard); Joanne Frances DC. Castro, Erickson H. Balmes (Insurance Commission, Philippines); Ekhosuehi Iyahen, Rebecca Lewis (Insurance Development Forum); Tuga Alaskary, Delia Kaiser, Katharina Nett, Hannah Rogasch, Christina Schubert-Fiebig, Daniel Stadtmüller, Anastasia Thomaides, Kay Tuschen (InsuResilience Secretariat); Annette Detken, Lena Laux, Laura Schäfer (InsuResilience Solutions Fund); Aparna Shrivastava, Ann Vaughan (Mercy Corps); Jennifer Denno Cissé, Soenke Kreft, Viktoria Seifert (MCII); Alejandra Díaz Agudelo, Carlos Boelsterli, Anna Tretyakova (MiCRO); Alima Arbudu, Emma Flaherty, Elina Vaananen, Ben Webster (REAP Secretariat); Dennis Mombauer, Vositha Wijenayake (SLYCAN Trust); Carola Twrsnick (STARMIND); Fatou Assa, Mirtha Liliana Escobar, Cecilia Beatriz Martinez Gomez, Simon Hagemann, Selin Konrat, Olivier Mahul, Sumati Rajput, Benedikt Lukas Signer, Alexandra Frances Wilson, Rui Xu, Fan Yang (The World Bank Group); Max Ricker (TNC); Jonathan Bonnemann, Jan Kellet (UNDP); Professor Markku Wilenius (University of Turku); Davide Cotti, Matthias Garschagen, Michael Hagenlocher, Harb Mostapha, Jonathan Reith, Dominic Sett (UNU-EHS); Sara Ahmed (V20 Secretariat); Fabio Bedini, Susanna Desousa, Mathieu Dubreuil (WFP).


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Intro – InsuResilience Annual Report: UN Photo/Riccardo Gangale

Voices from New Members 2020: Agritask; Asia Affinity; AXCO; CelsiusPro; Europa RE (pictures 5-6); IFAD; Micro Insurance at Milliman


The Partnership`s High-Level Consultative Group : German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development; Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Marshall Islands; Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Madagascar 

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InsuResilience Working Group on Gender: Akram Ali/CARE Bangladesh; UN Women/Rosendo Quintos; Joanne Frances DC. Castro; Erickson H. Balmes

InsuResilience Working Group on Impact: InsuResilience Secretariat

InsuResilience Working Group on Integrated Approaches: GIZ/Georg Birbaumer; GIZ/Thomas Imo

InsuResilience Centre of Excellence on Gender-smart Solutions: InsuResilience Secretariat

RISK TALK: An Interactive Knowledge Sharing Tool: InsuResilience Secretariat

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Risk-informed Early Action Partnership: Risk-informed Early Action Partnership (graphics 1+2)

InsuResilience Annual Forum 2020: PENDING

Annual Forum 2020: Kendra Allenby/; Pat Byrnes/; Paul M. Bisca/


Outlook for the Partnership in 2021: creativefamily/Adobe Stock; GIZ/Thomas Imo